Course Description: 2/1 Game Force

This course explores all aspects of the 2/1 Game Forcing system, as recommended by Larry Cohen. All Intermediate and Advanced players who would like a comprehensive review or would like to learn to play this invaluable system are invited to join. 

Topics will include:

  • What is the 2/1 Game Force system
  • When is 2/1 in effect
  • What happens after a 2/1 response
  • Other responses to 1D, 1H and 1S bids
  • 2/1 auctions: first up 2C
  • Opener's rebid after 2C response
  • Jumps by Opener
  • Bidding after a 2D or 2H response
  • 2/1 response in a minor instead of a 4-card major
  • Principal of Fast Arrival
  • The 1NT response after a 1H or 1S opening bid
  • The next step in a 1NT forcing auction
  • Other topics:
    • rebid of a major promising a 6+ card suit 
    • responder's 2nd round jump to 3NT
    • semi-forcing NT and other variations
    • variations to 2/1 Game Force
  • Practice hands of 2/1 auctions, as appropriate