Course Description: Improve your Declarer Play


Topics to be covered:

  1. Planning the play, both for No Trump and Suit Contracts
  2. Covering 'basics' for counting 'sure' winners and 'tricks you can afford to loose in NT and suit contracts, respectively.
  3. For Suit Contracts - review techniques to eliminate losers to fulfill your contract:
              * trumping losers in 'short' hand

                  * discarding losers on side suit winners

                  * side suit establishment

                  * finessing

                  * when to draw trumps

                  * partial trump drawing 

                  * how to play suit combinations

                  * strip and end plays

                  * counting and card reading

                  * cross ruffs

                  * taking advantage of shortness

                  * how to play a weak trump suit

                  * combining your chances

                  * managing entries

     4. For No Trump contracts - review techniques to create additional tricks to fulfill your          contract (some of the techniques used in suit contracts are also used in No Trump              contracts: e.g. finessing, side suit establishment, how to play suit combinations,                strip and end plays, counting and card reading, combining your chances, managing            entries)

                  * what is my 'stopper' situation

                  * promoting high cards

                  * developing long suits

                  * analyzing opponents lead

                  * holdup play

                  * positional stoppers and the 'danger' hand

                  * entries and unblocking

                  * ducking to sever communicaions


     5. Review lot of example hands which focus on the techniques outline above both for          suit and no trump contracts

     6. Matchpoint versus Imp scoring

     7. Practice play of the hands, both for suit and no trump contracts